[Europe&UK-Only]oasser Airbrush Set Kompressor Dual Action 3 Modi wiederaufladbarer 1000mAh Akku 0,3mm Düse 7CC Tasse Airbrush Pistole für Modell, Kuchen, Kosmetik, Lackierung

[Europe&UK-Only]oasser Airbrush Set Kompressor Dual Action 3 Modi wiederaufladbarer 1000mAh Akku 0,3mm Düse 7CC Tasse Airbrush Pistole für Modell, Kuchen, Kosmetik, Lackierung

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Oasser Airbrush Compressor Kit, Dual Action Airbrush Suit with Rechargeable 1000mAh Lithium Battery, 0.3mm Nozzle and 7CC Cup, Spray Airbrush Gun for Model, Tattoo, Manicure, Cake, Cosmetics, Painting


  • Geeignet für Anfänger: Einfach zu bedienen und vielseitig. Mit einem detaillierten Tutorial können auch Anfänger problemlos beginnen. Das Oasser Airbrush Kompressor Kit kann mit Hobby-Sprühlackierung, Modellfärbung, Kunstmalerei, Heimwerken, Kuchen, Modellieren usw. umgehen. Langlebiger und empfindlicher Miniaturkompressor, leicht zu tragen
  • Wireless Bedienung: Unterstützt drahtlosen Betrieb, kann im Freien ohne Stromversorgung verwendet werden. Oasser Airbrush Kompressor Kit mit 1000mAh Batterie, die nach dem vollständigen Aufladen mindestens 70 Minuten lang ununterbrochen arbeiten kann. Gleichzeitig ist es mit einem Netzteil mit einer Kabellänge von 1,84m ausgestattet. Wenn die rote LED aufleuchtet, ist die Batterie schwach, während des Ladevorgangs verwenden Sie das Airbrush nicht
  • 3 Modus Druckeinstellung: Es ist in drei Klassen unterteilt: niedrig, mittel und hoch. Der einstellbare Druckbereich beträgt 2-15 psi und kann für verschiedene Zwecke verschiedene Flächengrößen sprühen. Sie können den Druck anpassen, um verschiedene Malaufgaben zu erledigen
  • Airbrush Dual Wirkung: 0,3 mm Airbrush mit doppelter Wirkung, Flüssigkeitsbecher mit 7 cc Hubraum. Sie können die Menge der freigesetzten Luft und Flüssigkeit steuern, indem Sie Ihre Finger bewegen, um den gewünschten Effekt zu erzielen. Im Vergleich zum einteiligen Airbrush-Set ist das Oasser Airbrush-Kit kleiner und leichter. Sie werden sich auch bei langer Arbeit nicht müde fühlen
  • Reinigungsanforderungen: Bitte reinigen Sie die Airbrush rechtzeitig nach dem Gebrauch, da sonst die Airbrush verstopft und die Farbe nicht gespritzt werden kann.Verwenden Sie es nach dem chemischen Sprühen nicht für Lebensmittel


  • 【Suitable for beginners】Easy to use and versatile. With a detailed tutorial, even beginners can easily start. Oasser airbrush compressor kit can deal with hobby spray painting, model coloring, art painting, manicure, tattoo, DIY, cake, modeling, etc. Durable and delicate miniature airbrush compressor, easy to carry.
  • 【Two power supply modes】Oasser airbrush compressor kit built in 1000mAh lithium battery which can work continuously for at least 70 minutes after fully charged. It Support wireless operation , airbrush compressor kit can be used outdoors without power supply. At the same time, it is equipped with AC adapter with cable length of 1.84 m, it can be used indoors while charging.
  • 【3 Mode Pressure Adjustment】 Oasser airbrush compressor kit divided into three grades: low, medium and high. Adjustable pressure range is 2 - 15psi, can spray different sizes of area, for a variety of purposes. You can adjust the pressure to complete different painting tasks.
  • 【Double action structure airbrush】0.3mm double action airbrush, 7cc capacity fluid cup. You can control the amount of air and liquid released by moving your fingers to achieve your desired effect. Compared with the one-piece airbrush set, Oasser airbrush compressor kit is smaller and lighter. You won't feel tired even when working for a long time.
  • 【Safe and reliable】Oasser airbrush compressor kit has the function of automatic stop and start. When the pressure reaches the specified value, it will close automatically. If the pressure gradually decreases during use, it will automatically open and increase the pressure to avoid the influence of continuously rising air pressure on the machine. It also has the function of overheating protection, shock absorption and noise reduction, and prolongs the service life.

Powerful & Rechargeable & Portable & Stylish

Mini Air Compressor, Super Capacity

✔ Built-in 12V large capacity battery, detachable, rechargeable

✔ Available for outdoor use after fully charging. (It is not recommended to use while charging)

✔ 3 switchable modes (low/middle/high) for pressure regulation

✔ With auto start/stop function, safety in use

✔ LED indicator check the charging of battery level at any time.

✔ One-click power switch, easy operation

✔ lightweight and compact, easy to carry


Oasser Airbrush Compressor Kit

How to spray
  1. Install the gun on the air compressor.
  2. Turn on the main power switch on the bottom of the air compressor, and short press the ON / OFF button to start. The airbrush will get air fluid at this time. After the test run is no problem, start to use.
  3. Open the lid of the paint cup and put paint in the cup. Please do not put more than 2/3 of the cup.
  4. Use the electronic pressure adjustment function to select the right pressure and use the dual action airbush to spray the atomized paint.
  5. Please cut off the power switch after use.
  6. Please use the method of Rinse or disassembly to clean.

Step 1 : Press down - Press down the trigger button to spray air first.

Step 2 : Pull backward - Pull it backward, the paint in the cup will spray out with the airflow. (The further you pull backward, the more paint you will spray.)

How to achieve accurate spraying control, and get a good coating?

If you want to spray a constant flow of paint, you can rotate the adjustable screw at the tail of the gun. Tighten the screw to narrow the pulling range of the trigger button, and reduce the sprays. Or loosen the screw to expand the pulling range of the trigger button, and increase the sprays. Then, press down on the trigger and pull backward slowly, to control the thickness of the line.


How to use it ?

  1. Attach the braided air hose to the airbrush and compressor respectively.
  2. Connect the power cord to the compressor, and insert the AC adapter into the power socket.
  3. Turn on the main power swith on the bottom of the compressor, then short press the ON/OFF button on thecompressor.
  4. Now you can start to use.



  • Please check the compressed air pressure before use.
  • To keep the device in good condition, please take apart and clean thoroughly after each use, othervise, the spray nozzle will clogg and won't spray paint.
  • Do not use this product for food if you have used it for any chemical spraying before.
  • When the battery is low, three green indicator lights on the left will go out and only one indicator light on the right will ups in red, please stop working at this time to prevent over-discharge. Also, please charge the battery every 3 months if not in use for a long time so as to prevent over-discharge as well.
  • When charging, please turn on the main switch under the air compressor, otherwise it cannot be charged.
  • It is not recommended to use while charging.
  • When the battery is fully charged, there will be three indicator lights up in green again. Please stop charging to prevent overcharge.


  • Motor: DC 12V
  • Electric current: 1.6A
  • Air flow: 10.5L/min
  • Battery Capacity: 1000
  • Full charge time: 120 minutes
  • Working time after a full charge: 70 minutes
  • Auto start: 15psi / Auto stop: 21psi
  • Adjustable working air pressure (with airbrush): 2 to 15psi


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