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Oasser Air Compressor Electric Inflator 12V 130PSI P2 3743-US

Oasser Air Compressor Electric Inflator 12V 130PSI P2 3743-US

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  • Comes With 2200 Large Capacity Battery: The Rechargeable Oasser Electric Air Compressor Can Be Turned On Quickly. It Inflates Cars, Bikes, Motorcycles, Balls And Inflatables Very Quickly.
  • Plenty Of Accessories Included For Free: 12V Power Base, Storage Bag, 2 13.78" And 4.72" Air Hoses, Quick Couplings And Tool Gloves.
  • STYLISH AND PORTABLE: Pump With LED Light In Unique Pistol Shape For Easy Day Or Night Use.
  • LCD Digital Pressure Gauge: With Power Display, You Can Preset Tire Pressure According To Tire Needs (3 Unit Values: PSI, BAR And Kg/Cm²).
  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE AND DURABILITY: With A Maximum Inflation Pressure Of 130psi, It Is Suitable For Bicycles, Motorcycles And Small And Medium Cars (Including SUVs). Note: Not Suitable For Large Truck Tires.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Time saver (and BACK SAVER)

This product is absolutely amazing! With all the add ons the company includes with this battery powered air compressor, this unit is a deal! I work as a service technician for a local water softening company and amongst my work, I deal with water filtration systems, and all the systems that I deal with have reserve capacity tanks, usually ranging from 3 gals to 10 gals tanks and commercial sized tanks. Every so often I'd find myself dealing with tanks that were installed in the weirdest locations you can imagine (ex. overhead propped up on top of existing plumbing copper pipes, on makeshift shelves, underneath utility sinks, etc.) and all my job had to offer me for a tool was a dinky chipped bicycle pump that began to fail up against 1/8 of the tanks I'd work with. I said 'to hell with that', no more breaking a sweat and looking like a fool in front of these wholesome people (LOL).

This compressor is accurate down to the 0.5 PSI reading (and I verified with a pen air pressure gauge), connect it to whatever you want to add air to and it'll display the pressure stored inside. It'll also show you the battery life left in your battery, and whether you want to read PSI/BAR/etc. There's an on/off button, +/- button, LED blue screen display, lock/unlock feature to secure while transporting, different attachments for adding pressure for your desired product, and of course the trigger to add air and stop air pressure.

Long story short, this is a nice backup air compressor for emergency purposes, work purposes, etc.

EXCEEDS expectations!!!

This is an AWESOME product!! All of the 5 star reviews are spot on! The person who said the battery doesn’t hold a charge probably didn’t let it completely charge initially. The light on the plug will change from red to green when it’s completely charged. It took a day or two to fully charge it the first time. I bought this for my husband for Father’s Day and he absolutely loves it!! He’s filled bike tires and hand truck tires so far and will soon be filling balls and pool inflatables. After that he will probably start looking for more things to inflate, just because it’s so gratifying! It’s always nice to purchase something and have it exceed your expectations!

My new portable and helpful friend!

This made putting air in my tires kinda fun. It is SO incredibly easy. After my compressor fully charged, I went out in my parking lot, and got all four tires done and it did not lose charge. I absolutely love being able to set the PSI and when it's done, it stops just as described. It took 22 mins total for me to do all four. No more trips to the gas station for air. Yay! A neighbor came out and commented on how much quieter it is than the one he uses and asked me how much I paid for it. I did wear one of the gloves just in case it got really hot, but it didnt. It was just warm, which was nice because it was cold out. I'm ecstatic over how easy it is to use! This gal will never be without it! :)

RELX 6873
Oasser portable rechargeable inflator a nice accessory to keep in the trunk of your car

The oasser portable electric inflator is a good product to have around .it is sturdy, durable and has a powerful air pump built in. It comes with a rechargeable battery so you can use it around the house to inflate balls,bike tires and pool floats. A 12v cord so you can plug it into your cigarette lighter and inflate your tires with a digital screen on the back that shows the pressure of the item being inflated. Comes in a nice case so that it can be stored in the trunk of the car or the garage

Great Hand Tool Air compressor

A great tool. My brother owns one of these. I initially was skeptical, as I have only used standalone air compressors. This one is a powerful air compressor in a compact form. If you’re used to using hand tools, it’ll feel familiar. Filled all 4 tires in about 5-10 minutes. (Initial 29PSI to 34PSI)

Highly recommended.

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