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Oasser Car Battery Charger Trickle Charger Car Battery Maintainer 6V/12V

Oasser Car Battery Charger Trickle Charger Car Battery Maintainer 6V/12V

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  • 【AUTOMOTIVE BATTERY CHARGER】All-In-One 6V/12V Battery Charger That Can Perform Battery Detection, Battery Charging, Battery Maintenance, Trickle Charger And Battery Desulfator, You Don't Have To Worry That The Car Battery Will Run Out.
  • 【WIDE APPLICATIONS】Oasser Portable Battery Charger Is Compatible With Cars, Motorcycles, Lawn Mowers, ATVs, Lawn Tractors, Trucks, SUVs, Boats, PWCs, Classic Cars And More. Works With All Types Of 6V And 12V Battery Types: Lead Acid, Wet, MF, GEL And AGM (1.2-120Ah).
  • 【11-STAGE FULLY AUTOMATIC CHARGING】Oasser Car Battery Trickle Charger Adopts 11-Stage Charging System, Which Automatically Detects Battery Sulfation And Acid Stratification, Automatically Adjusts The Charging Current, Restores Lost Battery Performance, And Automatically Stops When Fully Charged.
  • 【MULTI-COLOR LCD SCREEN, INTELLIGENT DETECTION Color Symbols Clearly And Visibly Display Charging Voltage, Power, Charging Mode, Winter Mode, Etc., And There Are Visual Status Signs To Display Charging Fault Detection Information, Helping You Quickly Respond To Problems That Need Attention In Use.
  • 【TWO CONNECTION OPTIONS】Oasser Car Battery Maintainer Has Two SAE Quick Release Connection Options: Clip Or Ring Terminal (10Amp Fuse For Safety Protection From Danger Of Short Circuit Or Overload). Connecting The Battery Charger Via The SAE Adapter Is Convenient And Safe.
  • 【MULTIPLE SAFETY AND WATERPROOF PROTECTION】Oasser Car Charger Has A Series Of Safety Features To Ensure Maximum Safety During Use. Provides Open Circuit Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Reverse Battery Connection Protection, Overvoltage Protection, Undervoltage Protection, Overheating Protection And IP65 Dustproof And Waterproof Protection.

Product name: Oasser Car Battery Charger
Asin:  B09787S2YC

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Easy and effective charger

This is a nice little battery charger, i gave it to my brother for his motorbike and he said it works great. It is a small yet sturdy machine, easy to use and very helpful especially in the colder months.I hope you find this review helpful.

Athletic Scientist
A smart, reliable, well valued battery charger that even a novice like me can easily use!

Price at the time of review: Product read "Currently not available" but was taken for review on November 1 with a price of approximately $45This battery charger is very simple to use. Beyond knowing that you have a compatible battery (6V or 12V lead acid batteries) and knowing that the red clamp is for positive and the black clamp is for negative, the rest is rather easy.What's inside the box:- Oasser Battery Charger- Alligator Clips- Ring Terminals- User Manual- Packing BoxFeatures:- 6 charging modes- 11 charging steps- capable of charging 6V motorcycle and 12V lead acid car batteries- LED smart screen which includes battery failure indicatorTo charge a battery you simply have to plug the unit into the wall and attach the black and red clamps to the negative and positive charge poles of the battery. Once that is done, the charger will evaluate the battery on its own. You then simply press the red mode button in the center of the unit until you reach the corresponding feature you wish to use. In my case, its a winter charge in the pictures, or just a normal charge. Once the mode is chosen, the unit does the rest on its own and begins charging your battery.Its really that simple. There is a bar indicator to tell you when the battery is fully charged as pictured and once that bar is filled, the battery is fully charged and your good to go.This is a very convenient product that is simple to use. I am currently using it for my car that I store for the winter. This will help prevent the battery from discharging and keep the battery operational. In the past, when I store my car for a lengthy period of time, the battery has often failed and I would have to purchase a new one.I rate this 5 stars because its very affordable, easy to use for even a car novice like myself, does not require additional items to attach to it for the product to work as designed and is very reasonably priced. I ideally believe that this is most well suited for those that want a simple, no hassle experience - and believe me it is.I would gladly recommend this product. One last tiny note, when you get the charger you may find that the alligator clamps are very close to one another. You simply pull them apart and they wire casing will allow for them to be split further apart so that the clamps can easily reach both poles of your car battery.Cheers

Charges batteries effectively

This battery charger is very easy to use. You toggle through using the "Mode" button to select the mode to use. Once selected and used, it remembers where you were the next time you plug it in. To turn it on you use the same "Mode" button. The first press is to turn it on and the subsequent presses, the selection moves through the different modes.The read out display is very clear and easy to read. I like that it shows the voltage as well as the charging progress. I let the battery discharge for testing purposes and the test was successfully completed.It comes with battery clips as well as ring terminals. I found it hard to plugs hard to connect (clips to feed line plug) on my unit. The ring terminals are small and will fit small bolts. The aligator clips are not large enough to get a good hold of a 12 V battery terminal. I was still able to get enough of a grip to the terminal to charge the car battery but it was not very secure.Overall the battery charger works great and is easy to use.

The Reviewer
easy to use, affordable

This battery charger is affordable and easy to use. I'm not one to know a lot about cars and we have a dead car battery, it easy easy to follow the instructions and start charging our car battery. The charger has 6 modes, 6v or 12 v and with or without winter modes. From a bit of research online i found that our car was 12v batter (which most cars are) and most motor cycles are 6v. It did take a couple of hours for us to charge our battery from being fully dead. And it does not recommend you to leave it unattended (ie. Going to sleep). Over all im happy about the product and it does what it suppose to do at an affordable price which also saved us from buying a new car battery!

Very handy to have!

I feel so much better having a battery charger at home, we had an issue last week and ended up having to call CAA to get boosted.The LCD digital screen is nice and bright and the manual is easy to understand and troubleshoot with.

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